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Garage Doors

Safeyard offers a range of roller garage doors that are versatile and secure providing a visual deterrent and physical barrier for unwanted intruders.

Roller Garage Door

In this style of garage door, can be manual or remote control. Generally 1 foot of headroom space is required to accommodate a rolled door. The horizontal panels can be made from various materials but aluminium is usual. The panel rolls up and down on a barrel so the door does not swing out during operation. The turning mechanism is normally fitted behind the opening to gain the optimum height and width when the door is open.

Canopy Style

Canopy doors can be installed quickly & easily & can also be made to be remotely controlled. With this style of up and over garage door, a 1/3rd to approximately half of the door sticks out from the main framework when the door is in the ‘up’ position. These doors are used where there is an opening of up to 8 feet wide. A torsion spring above the garage door panel helps to lift the door, using a set of steel cables and weighted drums attached to each end of the spring. They are too heavy for larger openings and would most likely cause the mechanism to be unsafe.

Retractable Style

The retractable style is good for all single piece garage doors over 8 feet wide and are easily converted into remote control. They are very reliable as they have no cables, but lifting arms mounted on the side. The tension springs open the panel, which rolls into the garage on horizontal steel runners.

It’s important to note that the drive through width is reduced when the door is open as the lifting arms are positioned inside the sub frame

Sectional Garage door type

This style never protrudes outwards when opening or closing & are easily converted to remote control operation. It provides great security, no swing out, very large size ranges and a smooth opening action. The door is made up of horizontal panels,that are steered along metal tracks.

All our doors are versatile and secure, featuring innovative engineering details.

All Safeyard installed systems comply with BS-EN Safety Standards and go through a series of mandated safety requirements to insure the safety at all times.


complete security & total peace of mind