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Walk Through Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector

Walk_Through_metal_detecor Hand_held_metal_detector
  • Deters Crime

  • Improves traffic flow

  • Reduces the number of required searches

  • Reduces workload of security personnel
  • Reduces false alarms

  • Increases Building safety with minimal cost

  • Durable material adoption


• designed to look modern and not threatening

• light weight design for long time operation

• vibration / de-sense mode

• rechargeable

• rugged, high impact ABS case with reinforced coil . ...compartment

• all metallic objects

• foil wrapped drugs and jewellery from I”

• 360 degree detection

• green LED light indicated on,amber LED indicated
...low battery, red LED indicated alarm

walk_through_metal_detector hand_held_metal_detector
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